She came to me for therapy two months ago. Completely confused:
“I can’t choose, I can’t choose”
“What should I choose now?”
‘I don’t know…’
‘What should I do now?’

What steps she has taken!
She was stuck in her mind. She had already considered all options a thousand times. Constantly on the seesaw of life. One moment certain of her choice, less than an hour later completely confused and back to her choice because there are so many other reasons to make that different choice.

In the past two months, she has rediscovered herself in a way she has never experienced before.
It is visible in her work: feelings (left) and thoughts (right) are integrated with each other. It’s as if her thoughts embrace her feeling.

She tells herself that she can now make decisions based on her feeling and not just with her head. A whole new experience and something she is happy about!

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