About the horse and cookies…

Sometimes things don’t go well, and sometimes it’s the little things that break or make your day…..

For example, I (M) once came across L in Belgrade. My appointment in that city had been canceled (Agreed to meet with a person for a relief project, but they simply did not show up, no message, nothing, but I literally traveled for weeks to get there…..) and that doesn’t make you happy, I can tell you that.

But there was L whom I met in a church there, who came up with the idea to visit the city together, and we set up a meeting at “the horse”. (That is a statue in the middle of town and is an easy meeting point.)

Just a cup of coffee somewhere seems so simple, but at such moments it makes your day.

That “horse” has become a thing, and occasionally, I send him greetings from a horse from another city. 🙂 Every time I see a statue of a horse somewhere, it reminds me of that one moment in Belgrade, and it makes me happy again. The horse.

And now? Now when I walk to town (anywhere), every now and then I get a packet of cookies from the Zabka (small supermarket, is everywhere and nowhere down here) and walk with it to the first homeless person i see, and we eat cookies together. Being homeless is hard and eating a cookie is special. We don’t give money because then you don’t know where it’s going (Vodka or worse?), but eating a pack of cookies together does way more. That’s a special moment!

They are amazed that you do it and that you don’t think they are dirty, you hear stories about how they are doing, you see what they really need and there is a real human contact. Be human for a moment…. It can be so simple, and that moment can sometimes linger for years…..

A cup of coffee at the Horse… sharing a packet of cookies… humanity is sometimes that simple.

And if you find it difficult to do these kinds of things yourself… help us to help others. It doesn’t have to cost a horse… a pack of cookies can do a lot…

Life is so simple sometimes… and now we’re off, looking for the next “horse”. 🙂

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  1. Kent says:

    Love. It. Cookies, here we come!

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