9964000 people….

A one-way ticket Poznan – Kyiv costs about 55 Euros. At the bus station, the buses literally run back and forward to and from Ukraine. All day long, every day.

To give you an idea: on Monday 20300 people crossed the border from Ukraine to Poland and 19100 crossed the border again from Poland to Ukraine. In 1 day that is 39400 people who “wander” between something that was home, (but is no longer home) and another place where they are safe, but not at home. It is estimated that, 996400 people have already crossed the Polish border this way… 9.96 million.

Women travel back and forth to visit their husband and son who have stayed behind, Grandpa and grandma can no longer cope and are now finally leaving Ukraine to son and daughter who are already in Poland, Grandma is visiting Grandpa who stayed in Ukraine. One drama after another, one bad story after another. If you walk for fifteen minutes at the bus station in Poznan, you will certainly come across someone crying, complete despair, panic in their eyes…..

Every day….every single day…

And as I write this, E is having a therapy session with a refugee who doesn’t know how to deal with it anymore… every day and more and more…

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