The importance of a poem

When an assignment is made, it is important that words be given to it. The work often shows where they are at that moment, personal themes become visible and often there is a message to themselves. That is why the workpieces are always discussed.

It is often the case that there are so many thoughts about a paper that a discussion takes 10 minutes, and it is very difficult to distinguish what was important and what was not. That is why I regularly have them write poems to accompany their work.

Writing a poem is not easy, but we have tools for that!

In this session, we use the 5-minute poem, which has 7 lines.
Rule 1: You are in a landscape – where are you?
Rule 2: A sentence with a color in it
Line 3: What do you hear?
Rule 4: Say something about the weather
Rule 5: Complement what is written, perhaps a feeling or a smell.
Line 6: Repeat of 1st line.
Line 7: Repetition of 2nd line with a change.

And then, in one go, you have captured the most important thought in a poem!
And the participants are pleasantly surprised because they say they can’t write at all.
The poem gives the drawing a more in-depth meaning and often articulates the core of the piece. Something to rethink, something to marvel at, something to take with you into the week.

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