The gourmet game….

Anyone from the Netherlands knows it: gourmet. Messing around with tiny(!) pots, pans and food. And on new years eve it was a must! Your house stank after it for days, but oh what fun it was to do!

Gourmet cooking is typical Dutch. The guests we usaly get are not familiar with this phenomenon. And that creates opportunities!

Do you remember the conversations during new years eve at home? Relaxed atmosphere, but sometimes quite tough subjects. How did it go in the past year…?

So on this side we have actively starting to use the gourmet set as a tool. Not for the food… but for the conversations… how are you, how was the past year, how is your family?

This week, the dutch gourmet set is on the table three times…. peanut sauce (idem, unknown on this side), the plates with compartments, baguette, and then the conversations….

The gourmet game (indeed, we called it a game at home because everyone enjoyed stealing each other’s food, it was always a cheerful chaos) helps to start tough topics that you do want to discuss, but which you may find so tough that you have not dared to tackle them before. EMDR, but different. Not with beeps or a pen, but with a gourmet set…

During the last gourmet session, the guests were called by a friend who is fighting at the front in Ukraine, it was about depression and suicide, the longing for home, your trust in God and that an eternal feast awaits you… a much bigger feast than a “gourmet game”. Hang in there, God has a plan….

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