The “company” Emmy.

We would prefer to be working full-time on providing help to the needy, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Taxes have to be paid, the bookkeeping has to be done, stuff has to be bought and bills paid. And that is not our hobby, on the contrary.

Emmy International

And yes, that sometimes frustrates… On the other hand, if you don’t do it (right) you won’t be able to help anyone in the long run. We also want to be sure that we get the maximum(!) out of the help we receive. And yes, that means doing more yourself, thereby keeping the “overhead costs” as low as possible and therefore being able to help more people who are really struggling in life.

It also makes think, every time, that things are actually going very well. (according to circumstances) It is and remains unbelievable to see that everything is taken care of again and again. The projects can run, the bills can still be paid, every time. If that ain’t a miracle…?!

So yes, today is an “accounting day”, working on a mountain of paper that sometimes makes you shiver… but in all honesty… the miracles we see every time that this is possible at all… wow, very special. To say the least.

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