Today we went to a Roma village together with Krešo. The Roma (plural of Rom) are originally nomadic people. They speak their own language which looks like Romanian, but it is not.

They live close to the border and have built a kind of village where they now live. The facilities are minimal.

Krešo works there on a number of projects on behalf of the Gospel on the Go Ministries organization. From a project to build toilets, to a project for school children where a Bible school class has arisen,

There we were able to share a little bit of what we do for other people and that raised quite a few questions. Why then, how? Why do a couple of Dutch people live in Poland? It’s much nicer in the Netherlands, isn’t it? Why did you leave? And what are you doing here….???

And that creates opportunities to share that life goes beyond earning money and having a nice house. It’s about much more. What do you do for someone else who is having a hard time, how do you keep it up, what is your longer picture of the future? Space enough to be able to bring a beautiful and hopeful message.

It is unbelievably beautiful to see what Gospel on the Go Ministries has already done there and is still doing. From very practical matters such as supplying things so that the children can go to school, to a working bathroom and a weekly moment to reflect on what really matters: No matter how difficult your life is, God loves you, and He is there for you..

For more information about the work of Krešo and Gospel on the Go Ministries, see: Highly recommended.

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