Prevention is better than cure. The retreat, a book report.

Working as a pastor / missionary, for God’s glory, sounds really fun! Uhhhh?

Well…. a few tips:

  • Only do it if you are 110% sure that God is calling you for that specific task. Are you 100% sure? Don’t do it!
  • Be warned, it is work(!) for God and not some “hobby” or “holidaying” for God.
  • “In the sweat of your brow you shall eat bread”… and that also applies to this kind of work. You will sweat a lot.
  • If you don’t know what walking on eggshells is, or walking on coals… as a pastor or missionary, you will certainly experience it.

Is it all doom and gloom then? No, certainly not, on the contrary. We enjoy it every day. But you have to be very aware that it is not just a fun hobby, it is hard work. If you don’t… you get stuck… because you too are human. For the enthusiasts, here is some reading material (click) about the dropout percentages among this target group…. and those numbers are not good… Every year 17,200 people leave the mission field early…

But don’t worry, if you do, our tailor-made retreat is always open for you, for rest, re-focus, reflection or whatever you need. Don’t be ashamed, call us, and we’ll be happy(!) to think along with you about the next steps.

But honestly… we hope that is not necessary… prevention is better than cure and then the book “The Retreat” is actually required reading before you start your new role in God’s kingdom.

In a humorous way, you read along with one of the stories we hear so often on this side.

Tough reading? No, on the contrary.

Reads like a novel, but if you read between those lines…. oh so serious. It’s a combination of a book by Don Camillo and Billy Graham’s Handbook for Christian Workers. Huh? Yes sure, it’s possible!

And yes, we understand that preparing for your new role already provides enough study material and costs money, but this book will save you time and money in the future… and frustrations… or worse…

We would therefore like to put this book on the “required reading list” for everyone who wants to go out as a missionary worker / pastor. Appeals to everyone, whether you’re more serious or not, and contains lessons you won’t forget for a lifetime.

And no, we don’t own any stock in this book, don’t make any money off it, we just read it. That’s it. 🙂

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