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Today I saw this article about “the Eastern Europeans” in a Dutch paper…. Talking about the problem of a lot of alcohol abuse by, among others, Poles who work in NL. Just a quote from the article:

But not only vodka is popular in Carnisse, she explains. “Polish beers, such as Żywiec, Tyskie Gronie and Żubr, are also selling like hot cakes.” One problem: the neighborhood in South Rotterdam is littered with crumpled green, red and red-white half-litre cans.

And yes, it’s true… we see alcohol abuse on this side too, but not like as described in that article. Yes, it is also present on this side, but not in this extreme way. We sometimes work with homeless people, and you would expect to see scenes like that there. But no.

So, the question is why things are getting so out of hand in NL (with this target group)…

And then we come to something that we encounter at least once a week:

Hey! You are from the Netherlands, do you perhaps know work for me there? Because in NL it pays so well!

Random Uber driver, homeless person, random polish person.

Well…. in theory, that is correct. Incomes in NL are definitely higher than in PL.

  • The average income in NL in 2022 was € 2,816 gross per month.
  • The average income in PL in 2022 was € 1380.18 gross per month.

And yes, that is quite a difference… until you start telling what the expenses are in “the blessed west”….

Road tax in Poland does not (yet) exist, medical costs are a fraction of what you pay in NL, rental prices in Poland are also starting to get high, but not yet as bizarre as in NL… and so on…

And then there’s something else…. that Pole who comes to work in NL… will not receive that € 2,816 gross per month… In 2021 the average hourly wage in the Netherlands was € 21. But if I look at the hourly wage for a Pole for a production function in Veghel today… I see € 12 per hour…. ?? Wow.

And yes … with such a salary you can no longer find a normal home in NL …. so you will live together in a “dump”. Far away from your home…. and then those golden mountains turn out to be made of scrap… and you get drunk… guess why?!

Our advice is therefore also to anyone who asks us about work in NL: DO NOT go to NL. Yes, life in PL is definitely not easy, poverty really exists here, a good homeless shelter is not here, the “health care system” is certainly not well organized in Poland… but the golden mountains in NL? There aren’t any… the grass at the neighbors is (if you calculate everything) not always greener, but perhaps a little less yellow. And eat yellow grass… far away from your family… is that what you want? Does that really pay off? No. Lonely living in a dump in NL… yes, then you get drunk. I would!

And yet… many still go to D and NL… and many more come home every month back to Poland… with nothing left.

So, the next time you see an “Eastern Bloc person” drinking… think about the misery they live in…. And ask yourself… would I really do it differently if I had to make that choice myself?

On this side, we try to inform them as much as possible and as honestly as possible. NL is beautiful… if you have money… and to be honest… Poland is at least as beautiful as NL… and ditto… if you have money….

A complicated issue.

Ps, Poland is in Central Europe, not East. So, never tell a Pole that he is an Eastern Bloc citizen, then he will (rightly) get angry. Russia is located in the east of Europe… Poland is centrally located… and yes, in this case the dutch newspaper also uses the wrong term again… too bad, missed opportunity.

Ps2, yes, there are exceptions. There are Polish people who are very successful in the “blessed west”. But from what we see.. they are the exceptions… sadly.

Our local supermarket….

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