Doing nothing…..

If you’re reading this… then we’ve had the December holidays, had plenty of people over, and it’s time for doing nothing.

Nothing? Yes. Just like every human being, development or mission workers also need their rest, they are people like you and me. 🙂

Sadly, approximately 5.1% of missionaries leave the field each year. This is a problem. In addition, of the 5.1% of missionaries who leave the field each year, about 71% leave for avoidable reasons. A survey of 40,000 missionaries and 600 mission agencies found that 43 percent of missionaries fail to save their long-term commitment to their field.

They come home and quit…..

Can that be prevented? Certainly…. But you have to do something active about that.

And in our case, that is consciously choosing to do nothing (in terms of work)…. So, we’ll be back in about a week!

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