New project!

And we have started the new project ‘Tapestry of your life’!

We all have our own life story with important events. Some beautiful, others very difficult.

Every event has had an impact in our lives, tells us something about ourselves, our character, our qualities. Because why was that particular event important? How has this touched my life? What did I learn from it? Who were involved? What do I take away from that event? And how do I want to remember that event?

While thinking about these questions with these subjects, work is being done. A number of weeks per topic to depict it through a symbol, through colors and/or shapes that are given a certain meaning…
And later, when all things have been processed, the different parts will be ‘woven’ together into a tapestry. And that tapestry can be anything: a bag, a blanket, a piece of art for the wall, a book, a piece of furniture…

Reflect on your life, in the XXL version 🙂

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