My granddaughter keeps me going.

“I just want to drive away mindlessly, no matter where to… Don’t think, don’t be…”
The assignment takes her a bit by surprise: imagine what the ground looks like on which you stand, and what your roots find there to attach themselves to.

All she knows is that without her granddaughter she wouldn’t be sitting here and doesn’t even know where she would be now or if she would still be here…

One root is sawn off – her life in the Ukraine is no more…
The girl represents her granddaughter, the reason she is, that she exists. Below is a picture of a bedroom with a large bed, the home she no longer has, but which she so longs for.

And a picture of a very happy woman. This is how she would like to see her daughter, and she hopes that time will come again.

There is a lot of pain, but it is treated slowly and with care. The pain is still too great to face. She doesn’t seem to trust herself and therefore doesn’t allow the pain. Yet, it cannot be denied because he determines her life. She tries to cling to group mates in the hope of getting some more solid ground under her feet.

It’s a fragile balance.
She says that this piece means a lot to her…

I’m glad she came and hope to see her again next week.
You are not alone – knowing that, often gives much more breathing space…

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