Is there any real news?

Yesterday, I was watching the news from the Netherlands. The top 10:

  • 3 Holiday “news” items (it’s hot and there are holiday traffic jams…)
  • 2 Football “news” items
  • 3 items about Show business or events
  • 1 item about a space telescope with a spot on the lens
  • 1 item was really about human suffering…. Dutch holidaymaker died during a hiking trip in France.

I missed “something”…. Nothing about wars, hunger, poverty soaring out of control. Nothing…..

Yesterday we visited friends who (temporarily??) live here as they had to flee from Ukraine. Their house is 90 kilometers from where the fighting takes place every day. To give you an idea, that is the distance from Zwolle to Winterswijk. Can you imagine that bombs are now falling on Zwolle? And that you don’t know whether they might be on your doorstep this afternoon? 90 Kilometers is not that far…

In the city where they also lived, some people “live” in cellars and can no longer safely leave the cellar. Not even to get food… or milk… for the babies. So, they die in those cellars…

Oh, and there was news about long lines at Schiphol airport in the Netherlands.

Yesterday we passed an insanely long line of women and children here in town. Would there be an event? No, it was the queue for the foodbank for the refugees…

And then I read today that Nick and Simon (Dutch “Singers”) are breaking up…. I don’t get it, to be honest.

Today i’ll go to the soup bus to offer soup, a listening ear or whatever to the homeless people of the city. Anyone has any tips on what music I can listen to when I’m on the road? And what are your plans today? Yeah… tough question… i know…

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