Encouragement on steroids…

We’ve just come back from an encouragement trip (and are now trying to get some energy back in between all the ongoing work), but there’s always the superlative of that… Encouragement on steroids.

Becky and her husband Carroll are currently traveling through Poland visiting all the missionaries they have in their network in Poland. Oh, and if you’re in the area, they also called us for a quick cup of tea.

We already had a tough schedule in recent weeks, but just look at this! Traveling through Poland in 24 days, a different city almost every day and at least(!) two appointments every day… just wow.

And yes…. Humanly speaking, such a scheme is bizarre / nuts. (Becky and her husband Carroll are also a little over 18 years old now..) So, why are you doing such a thing? Exactly why we do it… working as a development worker / missionary worker is tough. Very tough sometimes… and then a cup of coffee with someone who understands your work is a huge blessing. Just a cup of coffee, an arm around you… hang in there, keep on pushing for His glory, it’s for a good cause.

Curious about Becky & Carroll’s projects? See: https://www.internationalmessengers.org/

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