Creativity and uncertainty

A good example of how an experience and feeling can be converted into a piece of art therapy:
“I am a creative person and when I feel confident, inspiration flows fully. I get the best ideas for assignments related to work, for writing song lyrics, for taking photos and much more.”

This is visible on the right – love, freedom symbolized in the butterfly and room for creativity through the empty spaces.

Uncertainty is visible on the left. “The creativity is still there, but I question it. I can get completely stuck in negativity and uncertainty and get nowhere.”

“In the middle you can see how others see my creativity.
And there is another hidden part in it. They see the beautiful flowers and freedom of the butterflies, but underneath the yellow flower is an inner voice that brings doubt and uncertainty. Other people don’t see that.”

“But when it appears, you can usually stop it. And then I put away the paper: there, that’s enough.”

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