A new project!

Next week we will start a new therapy group with the theme: “The tapestry of your life”.

During the therapies, we notice that people are very busy with today’s problems and forget that they have already encountered many more situations in which a lot was asked of them. In those situations, they showed character and were able to use qualities. But what exactly were those qualities? And what aspect of their character helped so much?

Everyone has their own life story consisting of a past, a present and a future. And we will visually process this in a story. How? It can be done in many ways. It can literally become a tapestry or a blanket, a piece of clothing, a piece of furniture, a folding screen… It doesn’t matter – the important thing is that it is a shape that fits who you are.

And because it takes time to depict one event, there is time to look more deeply at it and to search for exactly where the importance of the situation lies, which quality has been used, which values and norms are in that situation that have determined how you behaved at the time, who was there and what impact that had, and so on.

For more info, see: https://www.emmy.foundation/en/tapestry-of-your-life/

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