A heart in two parts.

“Love is light and peace. Nothing can live without light. My heart is filled with God’s love, and it allows me to spread love and fruit in my life.” “Whatever you do,” she says, “you get back what you give, you sow what you reap.”

Her heart consists of two parts. It’s only when I ask her a question about that, she thinks about it and realizes it.

She says that the left side is the love of God filling her heart. Only when God fills her heart can she bear fruit, and that is depicted in the right half with the grapes.

Those grapes bring her straight back home to Ukraine. She says she had a grape tree that didn’t want to bloom and didn’t give grapes. She said she had to prune it all the way back and that hurt her. “That is also a side of love,” she says. “Precisely because we want the good, we sometimes have to cut things short.”
She has not seen the tree grow this year. She had asked a neighbor who had been to her house if the tree had done anything this summer. The neighbor was very enthusiastic: that grape has given so much fruit!

Love: being filled with God’s love, growing and bearing fruit, pruning and light.

What does love look like to you?

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