Podcast: join us!

As a Christian development worker / missionary, you experience a lot, to say the least. And although the work is a blessing to do, it is not always fun and games. You go over mountains and through valleys, and you work for a special employer.

An employer (God) who also said the following:

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28

Yes, you can go through quite a bit, and here it comes according to the verse in Romans 8:28:

A: God allows challenges.
B: You go through it (with God on your side).
C: We testify what it has taught us and how it has made us more effective for God’s Kingdom.

God uses ALL things for good. That means that it was not just a lesson for yourself to learn, but also a lesson for His entire Kingdom for others to learn from. And that’s why we want to share these lessons with each other in the podcast series.

Questions that pass by in this series are, for example:

  • What has been one of the most difficult challenges you have faced as a missionary/pastor/Christian, how has it helped you grow personally, and how has that lesson made you more effective for God’s Kingdom?
  • What has been the biggest surprise for you since becoming a missionary/believer? Something you never saw coming, or discovered or encountered? And the follow-up question is, how have you dealt with that, and how has God used that to make you grow closer to Himself and/or be more effective in His service?
  • What is your biggest story about God intervening/providing/answering in an almost (or completely) miraculous way?
  • How is sharing Christ with others on the mission field different from evangelizing “at home”?
  • What should be the three most important qualities, characteristics, or habits that people thinking about becoming missionaries should develop BEFORE going into the field?

And then it can be about making your newsletters, dealing with finances, your home church, your home front team, you name it. What is involved, and where has God helped you?

That’s what we want to share with this podcast series. Tell your stories, how did it go, what did you experience and testify of what it has done for His glory and for the encouragement and teaching of others.

Do you want to join? Send us a message with your contact details, and we’ll get it started.