How is your connection??

Yesterday, the connection to the internet dropped at our place. Quite terrifying actually, no connection. How did we ever manage without the internet?

Speaking of a connection to the “cloud”, what about your connection to God? Is it optimal? Just a few examples from my laptop connections….

No connection? I got the jitters yesterday when it was gone. How do you survive without connection to God in a world that is quite confusing….?

We meet hordes of people on this side who try without… and don’t make it… A connection with God would give them hope for a better future, even though things don’t always go well today… there is hope! Connect!

This is the connection via the Wi-Fi extender in our house. Yes, there is a connection, but really fast? No, not really.

This connection also goes via, via, there is a wall between me and the connection to the outside world. It also goes “through the air” where there is quite a lot of disruption. Trustworthy? No, not always.

Does your connection with God look like this… are you getting God’s word through a “via, through” connection? “I saw a meme on Facebook that God says a, b, c”, “On Sunday at church I heard that”…

And does it stop there? Was that meme on Facebook really true? Or did it just sound good? How reliable is that connection?

This is an exciting connection. VPN…. a connection that is encrypted…

You should use it because you want to be safe in what you are doing. Nothing wrong with that. God is a safe connection for you. Yeah!

Or…. do you use this option to hide something that is not acceptable? mhhh…. are you honest with God? Or don’t you tell Him everything….

Furthermore, no one else knows that you are connected by the way…you are hidden.. mhhh…. Something to think about…

It is already a lot faster on the main connection! Not a via, via connection, but straight to the source. Still wireless though.

You read your bible often, you also pray… not every day by the way…, but it actually goes quite well. You have a stable connection! But still… sometimes… Yes, you have a stable connection, but speedy?…. Fast and reliable? Yes… sort of… it is and remains wireless and there is sometimes quite a bit of noise on the line. You read your bible for sure, but do you really understand what’s in your bible… do you study it??? Yes, there’s a stable connection, most of the time.

Look at this, those numbers! A wired, hard, connection to the internet! Bang! Here we go!

You have a solid connection with God all day long. You are literally tied to Him. Not only are you reading His Bible, but you are actually studying it! What does it say, for whom was it written, what is the context, what does it say in the original text, check it extra, you have a connection with Him all day long, full divine power!

Or is this what you’re thinking about… yes, you have a firm connection with God all day long, it’s stable, speedy … but still… you want more!

Yes, your current connection is good, but suppose… you are going to use it more for His glory! You go out with His news! Not cold, not lukewarm, not hot, but steaming hot! Goooooooo! Come on, do that upgrade, the fields are white for harvest!

How is your connection with God? “No connection”, “hidden”, “via via”, “wireless”, “fixed” or ready for the next step?!…. Something to think about… time for an upgrade?

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