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Discipleship as a missionary

A Podcast with Kent Staton about discipleship as a missionary, the 2am guy, and the balance between work and time off. Some great lessons for you and me as missionaries / pastors!  The Podcast… Lees meer.


The bus, Noah and more….

The remarkable story about a food bus for the homeless, that does shares more than “just” food. A great message about ways to serve God. For more info on the food bus, see:… Lees meer.


The Christmas Quiz! Podcast #3

Many things we have heard about the Christmas story cannot be found in the Bible … what is correct and what is not? The Podcast is available on Spotify , , Apple Podcast and Youtube. And the other option… see… Lees meer.


The Missionaries Podcast. Why? As a Christian development worker / missionary, you experience a lot, a lot. And although the work is great to do, it is not always just fun and games. Its… Lees meer.