Workshop helping refugees from Ukraine.

We understand that it can be quite exciting when you start a conversation with the refugees from Ukraine for the first time. You probably don’t speak their language, the culture they come from is entirely different from what you know, and then almost all of them also have their trauma about what happened to them in recent times. Quite a complex issue.

They all have a different story and are in different stages of processing their trauma.

One person has already found a permanent place to live and has already decided to live here permanently, the other has just arrived and has now literally lost everything, the next one has found temporary accommodation again, but has no work yet, the next is here with partner and children, but their grandparents stayed behind, and the latter fled alone with her daughter, her husband fights in Ukraine and her son works there. Or so she thinks… because she tried calling them last week, but got no answer.

There is no single answer on how to reach this target group, but there are common topics that you can work with.

In this workshop (which covers half a day), we give you tips on how to reach them. What do you say, but also… what should you absolutely not say? What helps and what even works against them in their process. Who is God for them, and how can you talk about God (or not) in these difficult times.

We will give you plenty of examples of what we see every single day when we work with the refugees.

The workshop is interactive, so prepare for a session where you become part of the solution and where you and your teammates come up with creative ways to provide help where it is needed. We try to give you tools that you can use immediately, but that will also really help you for the rest of your life in your walk with God.

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