Workshop pastel chalk

Pastel chalk is discovered with four ladies from Ukraine and a lady from Poland… How can you work with it? What does it do? What can it and what can’t? Different techniques are tried with surprising effects.

The ladies are having a good time, looking together to see which techniques give which effects and try it out.

Characters and qualities become visible: perfectionism, which is not useful when you work with a new material for the first time – how realistic is it to expect that your very first drawing will become a beautiful piece of work? And what you see as failure turns out not to be so bad after all…
The lessons learned are included in a second paper, and look – it works quite nicely!

Another lady continues to work on a piece of work. She doesn’t like it, but she keeps puzzling on how to get better, she doesn’t give up, just keeps trying. In the end she is quite satisfied, but then again she is not. When we look at the frames of the greeting cards, she still finds a piece that she likes. This is cut out and pasted into the card. A beautiful result!

Yet another lady enjoys the bright colours and colouring. It doesn’t have to be perfect for her, and she doesn’t consciously make something that she has planned in advance. She sees what is happening and enjoys being busy and together.

Try something new together. Room to experiment. The focus in the here and now. Sharing successes. And learn from each other.

A successful workshop!

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