Workshop Mondriaan with a twist

Today I (E) gave a first workshop with the theme “Mondrian with a twist”. We started working from the abstract artworks of Mondriaan. First, looking for the abstraction – how do you portray an object or image when you can only use horizontal and vertical lines and primary colours?

It was a fun afternoon with five participants – all refugees from Ukraine. Due to the working method, they are distracted from everyday reality and the problems and stress they experience. And by sharing the experience with each other, relationships are built. And yes, tears appear when the inner struggle becomes visible on the paper. It may be there for a while, differently than usual. And for another: I don’t want to be involved with it, I just want to draw with cheerful colours. And that’s OK.

So special to hear so many personal stories based on their drawing. A place “to be” for a while, without “must”, just being as you are.

On to the next workshop!

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