Life is not always fun, beautiful or easy. On the contrary. Sometimes it’s a battle. And sometimes you feel like anything but a winner. And then people sometimes also come to us for help.

If they do that, we see them as winners. Always. Someone who not only sees that there is a problem, but also actually does something about it and dares to embark on a journey with us, is a winner. Always.

Because in the conversations we have with them, we sometimes say quite a bit. And that can be quite hard, we “don’t beat around the bush” when we see a problem that something really needs to be done about right now (not tomorrow). And then we speak with them about what can be done about it and how they can approach it so that the problem disappears or finds a better place where there is peace. That healing can take quite a while and is not done today. But if someone takes the step today to talk about it and starts the path to healing…wow! Then you are the “winner of the week” for us.

It’s been a beautiful week on this side of the globe. It is great to work together with winners.