Vacation or work?

A short visit to the Netherlands. But are we on holiday now or…?

Well, that’s debatable. Somewhere in between, so to say. Yes, we (greatly) enjoy all the visits to friends and family. How wonderful it is to be able to do that again. Let that be clear about that.

On the other hand, our work continues. No, not from Poland for a while, but now from the Netherlands.

So apart from the visits to family and friends, we are “just” working.

Because once there is contact with someone, you cannot just stop it. The needs of those people have not suddenly changed now that we are in NL. That (mental) need has remained the same. Furthermore, we already had contacts in the Netherlands, so if you are “in the area” you can stop by. That works much better than a phone call. Expressing your deepest feelings over the phone… not optimal, so to speak. Then a visit and a cup of tea is way better.

So, we are frantically making (video) calls, sending messages and more. From South Asia to Central Europe, to locally in the Netherlands, that work never stops. And there’s nothing wrong with that. And yes, those are pretty tough conversations, but with a good goal and a good result.

Furthermore, we collect all the goods that we have received. Lars (our van) is already starting to fill up nicely, but that doesn’t happen by itself. We immediately sort everything by type and target group so that we don’t have to do that in Poland later. Because there, the first projects start immediately after arrival back “home”.

So, somewhere between, there is and remains a balance between work and trying to be free. The latter isn’t quite working yet, so we’re going to see if we can make some further adjustments next week before we go back to Poland.

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