The submarine…

We are currently completing the 2023 fiscal year, and that is also a good time to look back at what we have done, especially why and how. What is striking is that we continue to push each other every day, to improve everything even further and improve it even further and further… and further. We wondered why we actually do that.

Compare it to a submarine. Those things are usually not for fun, but to defend your country against enemies. Deep below sea level, they play a cat-and-mouse game. Whoever “sees” the other first, wins.

But you can’t see anything underwater when you’re in one of those things. So you have to rely on listening. What is happening around me? Do I hear something, and can I do something about it?

And there is something else… the other person is not allowed to hear you either. So you MUST ensure that your boat is the best oiled machine ever. Nothing should creak, twist or squeak. Nothing. You are constantly trying to improve yourself. It starts with the engine, which must be good, must be quiet and if you must have THE best engine, and you won’t stop improving and maintaining it. Then the rudder, the generators, but also the kitchen cabinets! If they rattle too much, the enemy can find you and your mission is over. And if the kitchen cupboards are super tidy and neat… then you move on to that squeaky lock on the bathroom door.

So you have to keep improving to be able to continue operating. Stopping this is not an option. The world around you is changing, the world around us is also changing. Fast. Sitting still and saying “we’re fine with it” is therefore not an option.

That does have consequences. You never stop in terms of developments, and it not only costs energy, but also money to sail such a “ship”. The crew is on alert and busy 24/7. For a good purpose: defending yourself against a world that is unfortunately not so peaceful.

And that’s not it. The crew of that submarine is not just defending itself. The goal is to protect your fellow human beings so that they can have a bright and safe future. The submarine is not the goal, the crew is not the goal, they serve a WAY bigger goal.

But that submarine… how often do you think about it? They are there, working very hard, for a greater purpose / goal than themselves.

And on this side… it’s no different.