And then you find yourself in a lecture hall again…

I (E) had the privilege of attending a symposium for and by students of medical college and university psychology. The focus was on how international students in Poland, within the different universities, fared during Covid and now with a war on the border. Results of own studies were presented, which showed that there has been an increase in stress level. Taboos were discussed: as a medical and psychology student you shouldn’t really have any problems, you have to know how to deal with that stress, you want to teach others, don’t you? And it looked at which ways of coping are used, discussing the use of alcohol and self-harm and offering alternatives. After the presentations, there was time for a panel discussion on the topics presented.

Why was I there? To network!

Our target group ‘expats’ are not only people who come to work in Poznań, but also who come to study in the city. It is also interesting to know how they view art therapy here in Poland and how it is taught and used here.

These last questions are not so easy to answer…

First, connections have been made with the universities and students. The first connections are made with the department within the universities that deals with the well-being of its students. Maybe I can join that?

The questions have been asked. Now waiting for answers or referrals.

Another step taken!

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