Switching off……

All preparations have been made, ready to start!

The photos are ready before the start of the workshop.
A new group of refugees that doesn’t know each other yet. A fun way to get acquainted: choose a photo that says something about you.

Then we go around saying your name, your age, where you are from and why you chose that particular photo.

Dwell on the here and now, you are thinking on a different level.
Because how are you going to work from Mondrian’s abstraction?
You may only use horizontal and vertical lines and the primary colours. There is silence for a few minutes, and you can hear the heads cracking…

But then the drawing starts. One with a ruler, the other loosely.

Everything around them disappears, the focus is completely on drawing.

The next command partially removes the restrictions in progress. Now start from Mondran’s idea of abstraction and try to find your own form in it.

While everyone is at work, I ask if they want something to drink. No, no, we’re busy, no distractions now!

Afterwards, everyone hangs around, and the coffee machine is switched on. We keep talking. What is creative therapy? How does it work? Everyone has felt the impact and different observations are made.
But, ummmmm, we want more! We want to go more in-depth! We don’t want workshops, we really want therapy. Is that possible?

Of course that’s possible!
Preparations are now being made for this 🙂 What a beautiful profession I (E) have!

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