Sweat, balance and coffee…

These weeks we are busy with the missionary retreats and in between we have the necessary conversations with the other target groups.

If you look from a distance, everything seems to be going very relaxed.

  • Conversation here.
  • Have coffee there.
  • Walk in the park in the afternoon.
  • Breakfast somewhere else.

Sounds relaxed right?

Yes and no…. To give you an idea… and now a little(!) in more detail.. the tip of an iceberg, because this is an example of everything that came “in between”… so not planned….

  • Conversation here. But those conversations were about… depression, partner died, no more work, no income….
  • Have coffee there. With a refugee… from eastern Ukraine… who doesn’t know if he can ever return home…
  • Walk in the park in the afternoon. That’s right, after the conversations turned to black pages from the past. Very black pages indeed…
  • Breakfast somewhere else: With a homeless person…. Who does not know where to sleep in 2 nights…

Let alone what was planned. And yes, sometimes conversations are also about “nothing”, but even that has a purpose. A moment of rest and distraction from today’s problems… to be able to continue afterwards…

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  1. Debbie says:

    You two are so inspiring! What a blessing you are to sooooo many people, not the least of which is ME! Love you both.

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