Send a postcard… to someone else…

While E is working on a workshop for refugees in Poznań somewhere in the centre of the city, M is working with H to make postcards.

We will visit the Netherlands in mid-June and hope to have the cards with us, in a set of 6, ready for distribution. We will use the cards as a thank you and as fundraising for our work in Poland. A set costs €7.50 incl. VAT and excluding shipping costs. With the proceeds of these cards, we have the cards printed in other languages ​​to be able to give away to encourage the different target groups with which we work.

So, when people buy a set of cards, multiple goals are met!

  • We hope you are encouraged by the postcards
  • We hope the recipient of your card is encouraged by the card and the personal words it is shared
  • With the purchase of a card set, we can have cards printed in other languages ​​that we can give them to the target groups we work with as an encouragement
  • You support our actions on this side, and that encourages us a lot!

    What else do you want?!

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