Russian speaking church

Last Sunday, I (E) went to the Russian-speaking church.

In the first two minutes of the service, the Gospel was explained – BAM – this is what we’re doing here!

A collection of different nationalities with a common language, namely Russian. And with those different nationalities come different church backgrounds. The familiar headscarves for married women are present, as are the delegates singing with their hands in the air.

The pastor is from Belarus, there are people from Poland, Belarus and Ukraine. A congregation with one purpose of coming together: worship and praise God together!
And how special is it that this group can come together in peace, given the war that is still going on…

“You are my glory, my fortress, my strength,
My hope is You, my Lord.
You are my joy and support.
You’re my Savior – Jesus Christ”

Yes, it is intensive to follow everything in Russian, but what a joy it is – it feels like home.
When I got home, I picked up the saxophone and played for a while – for the first time since we are back in Poland 🙂

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