To be able to reflect (look at your thinking, feeling and act, analyze how the three work together, discover what is important to you and come up with alternatives) on yourself, you need to know the difference between what you think and what you feel.
Sounds very logical, but that is often hard work. Feelings and thoughts often go so hand in hand that it is sometimes difficult to understand where one ends and the other begins.

That is why we practice with it in therapy.
This time by tearing paper. That’s step 1.
What do you think while tearing, what do you feel?

“It’s a shame to tear this beautiful paper”
“Pleasant sound that cracks”
“It’s actually a lot of fun to do”

The second step – after tearing paper for 10 minutes – is to make a new piece from all the pieces. And yes, again write down what you think and what you feel.

Great results! One has portrayed what she is going through in life at the moment, the other has reflected on a bad feeling that is always there, but was not allowed to be. And they all discover that it is not always easy to separate feelings and thoughts.

The next step is to discover whether there are other situations in which the same thoughts and feelings occur.
Then you can see if there is a deeper need or sensitivity that is being touched.
Interesting right?