Project time management

The orphanage project has had its kick-off and various appointments are now being carefully planned. A training for volunteers, a meeting about finances, linking an orphan to a mentor… A project for children aged 16-17 for a duration of 2 years to better prepare them for their adult life.

Art therapy will be part of the program, in which we will focus on identity: who are you? What are your qualities? What do you experience inside? What do you show from the outside? Where do you come from? Where do you want to go?
All questions that arise.

The orphanage has a beautiful workspace where there is plenty of creative space. We can use this! Super nice, because it is easier to travel to Szamotuly on my own than for the six of them to come to Poznań. And another advantage is being able to schedule sessions during the week. Then we are no longer dependent on just Saturdays.

The language is a challenge, and that was to be expected. During the kick-off it turned out that they quickly recoil when asked if they speak English… Being able to understand and speak the Polish language is a plus. We are therefore going to take a look at the timing of the use of art therapy and the various components of it. The project will last 2 years, during which we hope that there will be a flow of children who become adults and leave the project and new children who want to join the project. So, that means that we can start part A of the creative therapy now, but it might be better to start part B in the autumn. That allows me some space to learn the basics of Polish, which will help a lot with this target group for some parts.

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