Kick-off orphans project

Today is the kick-off of the orphanage project. We travel to Szamotuly, a town about 40 minutes drive north of Poznań where the first six participants are living. When we arrive, we drive onto a large area with several buildings where nuns walk around. Fortunately, we see the big Bread of Life bus, and we are met by a welcome committee.

The 70 children are divided into four living groups with a shared living room and kitchen. The bedrooms are shared with one or two other children.

This is the first time that the participating children and the volunteers have seen each other, so it’s quite exciting!
To get to know each other better, the assignment is to write down the letters of your first name and to think of a word for each letter that says something about you… That’s a fun exercise!
Ambitious, empathetic, sensitive, introverted, rational, artist, open heart, mild, individualistic, cultural… All words that come to mind. And to be honest, it’s a pretty complicated assignment, helping each other is allowed – and that leads to fun conversations.

Then the group is divided to build the highest possible tower from supplied material. That material consists of plastic cups, paper, rope, tape, plastic plates and plastic cutlery… Good luck! Small groups are created in the groups that are working on a part of the tower. How will they work together? That’s a bit more complicated. But all in all, ceiling-high towers are being built. Much to the hilarity, none of the towers are very stable…

Time for a drink and a drink after which a rapper closes the kick-off. A successful afternoon!

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