I thought I was open…

Today in the therapy group we reflected on what you show to others and what you do not show. We depict this in terms of what is visible above the surface to someone else, and what is below the surface?

She starts talking about her paper:
I show that I am the sun, but actually, I am a sunset, still light, but much softer.
I show that I am relaxed by a tropical island where you can sunbathe. But actually, I am much more of a house with a large window, where people can come and feel at home.

I show that there are sometimes clouds, but these are actually downpours.
I present myself as an extrovert, together with other people and parties, but that costs me a lot of strength and energy. Actually, I’m much more of an introvert.
I’m ready to help people whether they need it or not, but really I just want to love them.