“I made that!”

We talked about Constitution Day – on what basis do you live your life?
The assignment was to use dry felt to make a brooch that represents what you build your life on.

She doesn’t really know what to do and chooses the colors she likes. She gets to work step by step and chooses what she wants to do. Furthermore, she describes this as freedom.
As always, she doesn’t like the result.

A week later, she comes to me before the therapy session starts.
“You have to see this!” she says.
She shows a photo of her granddaughter wearing the brooch.

She tells how her granddaughter looked at her with wide eyes when she saw the brooch – “did you make that?”
She absolutely loved the brooch and now never goes outside without it. She wears it every day!

She herself didn’t like the brooch. Yet, her granddaughter’s reaction showed her how valuable this little piece of work from the heart is! “I just did what I wanted,” she says, “and it doesn’t make any sense. But my granddaughter has felt my heart in it and resonates on the same wavelength.”

She looks at me, impressed, happy and proud.
“I made that…”