Goodbye NL…. And we’re off to Germany…

Today we left for Poland after the church service at the BGA…. Not fun, not at all.

Yes, we really enjoyed Family and friends… oh how we loved it! Finally visiting a few church services at the BGA life again, what a treat… but yes…

We had already decided not to leave until after the service on Sunday, humanly speaking not the best option because then the travel day is already half gone. But rather a rough travelling day, then missing a church service! We will be happy to pay the virtual bill tomorrow when we are done for, so to say.

And then comes the time to say goodbye. Did I mention we don’t like that? It’s a double feeling, we really love it in Poland, and we don’t want to go back to NL under any circumstances. But your (spiritual) family and friends…. we would have loved to take them with us. Because even though our house in Poland is only a 7.5 hour drive from Afoort… just visiting each other….that is not possible. sob.

And that is a “price” you pay. The financial issue is a already a practical and difficult one, but the spiritual price you pay…. is many times larger. As much as we enjoy ourselves to work for God in Poland.

And now? Now we are on our way to Germany for 3 days. Just 3 days of nothing, just three days together, just 3 days without work. Thursday we will continue to PL, Friday our next guest will visit Poland again. Can’t wait!

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