Giving workshops

This weekend I got to know one of the initiatives in the city of Poznan: ‘Kolektyw Grupa Analog’.

The group originated from a personal initiative to do something for the refugees who were passing through and had to spend a few hours at the central station of Poznań. They started a children’s corner, where they took care and entertained the children so that the parents could arrange the necessary matters for the continuation of their journey. When the flow decreased, they sat together and thought about what they could do for the people in Poznań themselves.

This has resulted in an open studio space. They have a location in the city centre where they offer creative workshops to refugees and other residents of the city. There is a place where the kids can play as long as the parents (and older kids) participate in workshops. Something different on your mind and having fun!

And that’s exactly what many people could use. Away from the everyday hassle and worries for now and the future. And meet each other, learn something new together, and sing songs while working. Relaxation through effort. So important!

And I will participate in that! I’m going to organize some workshops and offer them at their location. And… We will share the experiences with you!

In the photo, you see a group of Ukrainian ladies who make dolls for sale, to raise funds. And once again: communication is difficult, until you ask if they speak Russian – then the doors do open!

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