From abstract to concrete

When you are asked to draw four horizontal lines, what is on your mind?
How long should they be? Where should they come? What comes next? How can I decide where to put them if I don’t know what’s coming next?
Or does it give you peace of mind?

Usually, this assignment causes some level of stress, because it is not clear what will come after. It is striking that for most in the group a clear assignment is exactly what they need. “Finally someone who tells me what to do instead of having to think about it myself.” They turn out to be tired of the choices they have to make every day and the big decisions hanging over their heads. And how wonderful it is to have someone tell you what to do – all you have to do is follow…

After the horizontal lines, vertical lines, a circle and a person are drawn. That is the start of the piece.
This composition can be further elaborated with oil pastel and ecoline. Two materials that repel each other, which results in nice effects.

The group is working on – each in their own way.

Personal themes are worked out and a title is given to the artwork.

During the debriefing, we first ask others what they see.
It’s surprising how often those feelings match the creator’s intentions. Confirmation and oh, so much recognition!

The story of one is complemented by the other. Each in their own way, in their own place, yet in comparable situations.

One chooses to go in depth and gets a sort of helicopter view of his or her situation.
The other chooses to remind himself of a beautiful moment of that day.
And for yet another it is enough to just draw and get their thoughts on a different level, while looking inside is still a step too far.

And that’s all good.
There is no judgment.
To be currently in this place.
That is already a lot for many. Their heads are spinning with responsibilities and choices that have to be made. Relaxation is hard to find. There is generally no standing still.
They leave with more peace than they had when they came in, with new insights, with a moment of connection with others and that is oh so valuable!

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