Feeling – thinking – acting

Anyone who has ever done something with mental health care or training in health care should recognize the title.
Distinguishing feelings, thoughts and actions and how they interact and follow each other. The basis for self-reflection.

In a therapy session, we have discovered that it is a very complex story. Thoughts and feelings shoot through our body and that continues throughout the day. Often we are not even aware of it and act unconsciously on what we feel and/or think.

A good topic to consider. Because how often do we end up in a circle? For example: I feel lonely and sad. Thoughts I have: ‘what does it matter, I am not important to anyone, no one is waiting for me’. And the behavior that results from that is withdrawal. But by withdrawing yourself, the thoughts you have become stronger and therefore the feeling of loneliness.

What would happen if you called a friend instead of withdrawing? Just to chat or to take a walk in the park or drink a cup of coffee? Wouldn’t your feeling of loneliness and your negative thoughts turn into something else?

Something to be aware of and experiment with!