Dark heart

In the therapy group we reflect on our heart – what does it look like on the inside? We use oil pastel chalk for the drawing and then the background is colored with ecoline.

She starts drawing lines with soft colors and fills them in, emphasizes certain lines, and kind of creates rooms. All different things that are in her heart.

She then takes black ecoline and fills in the background.

During the debriefing, she is very negative about herself and points to her drawing – “See, I have a black heart…” But very honest – I don’t agree with that!

Look at your drawing again – the colors you used for your drawing are light and soft. It’s the background that makes it dark.
So I would like to change your statement if I may. I would like to say that the heart is in a dark place. The heart itself is not black.

She looked at me for a long time. The penny hasn’t quite dropped yet, but a new thought has been born.