Church pews!

In Schwerin (Germany) we finally had time to take a special project a little further. Pews from 1926 from a small Protestant church in Kalisz, Poland.

A Protestant church in Poland is quite unique. (about 90% of the people in Poland call themselves Catholic.) Now that is already special, but such a church in Kalisz (let us carefully call it a very poor and challenged town…) and which has existed since 1926… more than unique. The history of Poland is (unfortunately) not without violence, so the fact that this existed and still exists is unique.

And that church also had real pews that have now been exchanged for more comfortable chairs. And after those pews were removed, they were literally stored in the outside toilet… which has no windows… And that’s too bad because those benches have so much history!

We were able to save some of them and have them shortened (by refugees from Ukraine) and we are now trying to prepare them for use as normal furniture in someone’s house.

Yes, they are still old, more than well-used, but now finally structurally good enough to use normally in a home. The chewing gum on the bottom is still there (we left it on), the paint is still a lot gone, but they are now smooth again, varnished, sturdy and almost ready to use. With the help of some volunteers in Schwerin, we were able to do so!

And… we will offer two of these pews online! Benches with a history, an huge history. And with the proceeds from those benches we can hopefully finance some of our work on this side of the globe. With which history is made again.

To be continued, we hope to be able to put them up for sale in the near future and thus help other people. The story of these benches is not over yet.