Boxes full of…

Today we are sorting out things that we have received in the Netherlands and that will soon be taken back to Poland.

From sewing machine to paper, from a chair to wool and fabric, the quantity is really enormous. Now it seems a lot… and the van is almost full… but don’t worry… when we return to Poland it will soon be in use and gone. Immediately upon return the next project starts, and then we need all of this very much and without this we simply cannot do the projects. The budget is simply not there, and why use new things when we can use it again in this way. The target groups will be so happy with it!

Furthermore, we were able to do a job today that should only take an hour… but took more than half a day. Sigh.

Lars (our van) only had two seats, and we noticed that sometimes that was just not enough when we wanted to take a guest or a volunteer to projects. Now, we had arranged a bench in the Netherlands, so we could exchange it for the chair that was in it already….

Long story short, no it was not 4 bolts that should come loose easy, (according to the folder) but 4 that were rotten solid to the frame, then another 4, then another 6, the handbrake had to come off, then another seat belt, 3 sockets we didn’t have, a different chassis for the driver’s seat, some cables that wouldn’t listen and so on.

Halfway through, you might think: “what have we started again”, but you can’t stop. Driving without seats is quite difficult. lol

Anyway, in the end that also worked out, and we can now take someone extra with us to the projects and that’s what it was all about in the end. 🙂

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