Back home and… here we go!

By the time you read this, we are now back home in Poland and our normal work has started again. In the last 3 days we tried not to work and stayed in Berlin. When you travel back home, work immediately starts again, and you can never sustain that in the long term. A pitfall that we see too often go wrong with others, and we don’t want to fall for it ourselves.

We sometimes joke about it when people ask if we are (already) busy with all our jobs in Poland. Our answer is sometimes: yes, unfortunately we are very busy. 🙂 (with a smile on our face) Then we add the sad statement… the people we help are having a hard time, so the busier we are… the more misery there is apparently… we would like to be unemployed, so to speak, but unfortunately the world is not so kind.

So yes, oh how happy we are that we can mean something for all our target groups… but it is double in terms of feeling. Every time again. Because let’s face it:

We saw this poster hanging in Berlin….

“The saddest music in the world contest”.

And that makes you think… OK, as humour I could get it….but if you look it up online… and watch the music and the visitors… If you’re not sad, you will be sad pretty fast. Is that what life is, then?

What an emptiness….

Also, such a thing… M came across this in Zagreb a few years ago… The “museum of broken relationships”….

Things left over from relationships….. The wedding dress, the books they read together, the CD they listened to together…. sadness after sadness after sadness…. In a museum?! How?!

And as human beings, we often do not have an answer to it. We are so happy to know that our answer is His answer. That gives hope in a world that is sometimes really “wacky”.. To say the least.

Within half an hour of arrival, the first client unexpectedly showed up on the doorstep…. thats not good… what a world.

But…. Tomorrow we have new guests coming in!!! And we are VERY excited about that!!! So, tomorrow well unpack the van some more, prepare the room. We’re looking forward to it!

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