A standard Saturday…

We consider Saturday and Sunday as working days. To give you an idea of a Saturday, we’ll take one from last week. We actually had very little planned…… this is how it goes:

10:00, we wait for a supplier of materials, but unfortunately, he did not show up. So now we’re updating blogs since we have time.
12.00, to the city centre to get some other materials for the actions we have planned next week.
13:30 Get inspiration at an art collective for upcoming events.
16:00 looking for somebody who can copy key’s because we do want to give our guests their own set of keys when they are here. Our house is their house, here are the keys (and there is the fridge), be welcome!
17:00 video session with a missionary from C
18:45 We were invited by H from PIC for a worship event. We are way behind schedule, it is as it is. But the worship evening is amazing!! We enjoyed it immensely!
21:00 meeting in the centre.

Do we complain? Definitely not! We are having a lot of fun with it and The goal is absolutely great! Is it work? Yes, missionary and development work. Takes energy, but oh how much pleasure we have to be able to do it. What a blessing.

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