18 years and your world is upside down

We got to know her in the blue house. 17 years old, just started studying speech therapy, the future was open to her and bam, war happens, you need to flee, you arrive in a new country where you do not understand the language, your education is in jeopardy and your future is full of question marks.

And then it’s your birthday, you turn 18!
What should have been a great party is now celebrated in a small circle with family and some friends you have made.

What you could never could have guessed is that for your 18th birthday you are taken by a Dutchman to an alpaca farm nearby. Quite an adventure!

To get there, we also had to drive 6 kilometers on a dirt road full of large stones (free massage…), through the forest, where a large wasp of about 5 cm (!) flies through her window! “Um, the air conditioning is good enough… I’ll close the window again…” 😉

And suddenly the forest is over and you drive past a meadow where about 8 deer are grazing and a bird of prey flies right in front of the car with its wings spread wide. “It’s like a zoo over here!”

She talks about her home in Ukraine, the things she misses, the differences between her homeland and Poland, the difficulty of all the languages ​​she suddenly has to learn besides Ukrainian (Polish, English, Russian…), that she doesn’t feel at home at all. And we laugh at the mistakes we make in translating: There is a riding school, there you can ride on cows… er… horses… Hahaha!

We laugh a lot and chat about anything and everything. A wonderful trip away from it all, gaining a new experience with the alpacas and lots of photos and stories to include in your life story.

Who could have imagined this a few months ago? As an Ukrainian in Poland on your 18th birthday, taken by a Dutchman who speaks Russian to an alpaca farm where the explanation is given in English…

Happy birthday to you!
We hope that this experience is one you will remember with pleasure in this very turbulent time for you.

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