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Today we have been busy translating the website into Russian (where needed) considering the target groups we are approaching in Poland.

With the Russian translations online, we can now also invite Russian-speaking people to visit our website for some explanation of what we do, and we can create events on social media and so on where we can point them to our website for more info for that specific event.

Thanks to A and his wife, we were able to translate everything neatly, and we can move on to the next step: translating the website into Ukrainian.

Are we going to translate everything online into Russian and Ukrainian? No. We make clear choices about what is interesting for which target group or not. For example, we will not translate the blogs, but we will translate the programs we run for the specific target groups in their language. In this way, we prevent specific target groups from receiving information that they do not want or need, and on our side we prevent that the administrative burden (everything has to be translated into 4 languages) is no longer in line with where we are for this: practical help and offer hope to the target groups for their (eternal) future.

The help we offer will probably all be in the Russian language, so we’re going to fiddle around with the Ukrainian texts for a while how we can convey that clearly online…. but for now, this part is done! Yeah!

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